Unity Optimizer just released !

I'm happy to annouce the latest released of Unity Optimizer (

Lot of fixes and some nice new features such as lost pixel detection, more tags on images preview, large project loading improvements, a new log manager...

## [] - 2020-12-01
### Added
- Added compression and pixel usage percentage tags on top of image preview
- Added progress message while estimating the number of files in project to load
- In depth analysis now also calculate unused pixels percentage for non transparent images
- In depth analysis now calculate images empty pixel percentage using bounding box
- Added lost pixels tab
- Added image preview when hovering the asset name in largest assets, unused assets and empty pixels tabs

### Fixed
- Unable to load another project after closing a previous one
- Unused pixel percentage was not taken in account in optimizations list
- Faster display of largest assets and unused assets listviews
- Better loading and processing assets progress notification
- UI freeze while loading large projects (fixed and tested with a 100000 assets project)


UnityOptimizerInstaller_1.0.8.0_x64.exe 27 MB
Dec 03, 2020

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