A downloadable tool for Windows

Hello, I'm a Unity indie home developer. 

I'm working on a tool called Unity Optimizer for my own needs with the video game i'm working on.

Unity Optimizer is a standalone tool that helps Unity video game developers to significantly optimize the size of their builds.

I have decided to share this tool because i think it can be really usefull for a lot of Unity developers.

I have released a free version and a commercial (very cheap) version.
The goal for me is not to earn money but to be able to buy a few quality assets for my own video game project i'm working on alone and save some precious time.


  • Very easy to use !
  • Intuitive UX and simple and clear UI
  • Works well with Unity 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Works for all build targets (Win, MacOs, Linux, IOS, Android...)
  • 2 possible project analysis (basic analysis or in depth analysis)
  • Basic analysis will analyse all your project assets (textures, models, sounds, scenes, prefabs...)
  • Check asset info (size, usage, included in build...) in asset explorer tab
  • Fast overview of the largest assets in your project
  • Fast overview of the assets that are not used but included in your build (and could be removed)
  • Get statistics about the build asset type distribution (textures, sounds, 3D models, scripts...)
  • Can work side by side with Unity in realtime


  • In depth analysis will open all images, models and sounds assets to analyse their binary content to find possible optimizations
  • Deep overview of the heaviest images (in depth analysis)
  • Deep overview of the heaviest 3D models (in depth analysis)
  • Deep overview of the heaviest sounds (in depth analysis)
  • Get a list of suggestions of what to do to reduce the size of your build (more than 10 different advice)
  • Export optimizations list to Excel or CSV 
  • Optimize each asset by just following Unity Optimizer optimization tips

Standalone tool :

Open and deeply parse your unity project to find all the best optimizations in a few minutes. Unity Optimizer and Unity can work together side by side in real time. Available only for Windows 64 bits.

Full version available here :

I'm quite sure that Unity Optimizer can help you to significantly reduce the size of your builds ! Let me know :)



UnityOptimizerFreeInstaller_2.0.2.0_x64.exe 47 MB

Install instructions

Download and execute the installer.

If a Microsoft Defender Smart Screen blue screen appear, just click on "More info" and then "Run anyway".

 I have no app certificate because I'm a home indie developer, that's why you have this message. I'm going to try to fix this problem.

 I can assure you that Unity Optimizer :
- have no known virus
- doesn't write anything outside the install directory
- doesn't write anything in the Windows registry

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